Important Installation Tips After Ball Screw Repair

When it is going to have certain ball screw repair, it is also important to know how exactly they are inspecting or evaluating your ball screw condition. The result of inspection should be reliable and you can also see and monitor how they inspect your ball screws. Previously, you should also know the possibility of the problem in your ball screw. So, you will believe that the inspection from the service is really reliable or not read more.

What is about the installation help? You can see some further information right here in order to ensure the installation. And e have certain information that you can acquire from Superior Ball Screw Repair.

Things To Consider When Installing Process
In the ball screw repair, installation is one of the important things to be done. If you are doing the reparation, it is also better to replace your thrust bearing ad radial bearings. It can be done commonly through the local supplier or bearings. However, sometimes it can be also got from the manufacturer of the machine. When installing, ensure to check some following things:

1. Cleanliness
Keep your ball screw, bearing journal, and mounting surfaces clean enough to make it in a good condition. When there is a damage or debris between the nuts flange and mounting surface, its nut can be misaligned on its screw and its ball screw will fail. It is actually a common mistake that will happen during the installation. Therefore, you need to check always the debris and nicks on the mounting surface.

2. Alignment
Ensure that the ball screw is in well alignment in the CNC machine to perform correctly. If the installation is not parallel with its slide or table, the nut will be tightening. For, it will travel towards its ends of screws.

3. Lubrication
One of the most general things that make the installation failed is the lack of lubrication, contaminated or even wrong lubricant. Ensure that the system of lubrication is clean enough and work perfectly. You need also to stay away from the moly and synthetic greases.

Well, those are some notes that you must pay attention when installing the ball screw and after the repair. You must notice about this in order to ensure the ball screw will perform well again.

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